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Wow such a great post! I swear i saw u on hattie's team!

Hello I'm Daniel, or tango_kitten41 if you'd rather refer to me as my in-game name. I am swag. Look forward to meeting you all.

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Hey! This is going to be a short tips & tricks / guide thread for newer players learning to play Skyblock on Hygate.

Is Level

What is Is Level?

Is Level is island level. Island level can be earned by placing certain blocks on your island. Island level doesn't really do much to help you out, however at the end of the season there is a $250 PayPal reward for the team with the highest island level. If you are interested in winning the money, island level is what you're going to want to grind.

How do I get Is Level?

As mentioned, you earn island level by placing certain blocks on your island. 

If you click here, you will see a list of blocks used for island level, along with how much island level each block gives you.

Which block the best for Is Level?

If you look at the list, you would probably think sponge and hay are the best blocks for island level, and you would be correct, for the most part. Sponge and hay are indeed the blocks that give the most island level, but are harder to come by in bulk, which is why if you go to some of the top islands, you will see that most have tons and tons of endstone. Why endstone? Endstone is easy to buy in bulk, and still gives a significant amount of island level. Some of the top islands mine, but endstone is one of the best ways to gain island level at the moment. You can buy it in /shop in the blocks section or you can get it from your generator with the 5th tier unlocked. (/gen)


How do I make money?

There are many many ways to make money on Hygate. You can sell stuff on the auction house with /ah, you can sell ores you mine in your cobblestone generator to the shop, and many other ways of making money. Some of the best ways to make money are spawners, and farms. Obviously that's a very broad statement so I'll be more specific. If you are just starting out the best way to make some quick money is a cactus farm. Cactus farms are relatively easy to build and they make decent money, even in the late game. Another great way of making money are silverfish spawners. Silverfish spawners cost $10,000,000 so they might not be your first choice when just starting out, but eventually when you can afford them, they are worth it. Silverfish drop emeralds and bones, as opposed to the nothing they drop in vanilla. This is what makes them so powerful.

What should I spend my money on?

There's lots of different ways to spend your money, you can spend your money on more things that will make you more money in the long run, or you could spend your money on blocks to make your island look beautiful. There's many different approaches to making money. In the early game you should spend your money on things that can make you more money, like spawners. When you start to make more and more money, in the millions, you should still be spending your money on stuff to make more money. Obviously you can spend a little bit of money here and there for miscellaneous items but I wouldn't recommend spending millions on random junk until you're comfortable with the amount of money you're making. Long story short, invest your money so you can make more money.


What are bits?

Bits are another form of currency. If you do /bits shop you will see everything you can buy with bits. 

How do I get bits?

You can earn bits by killing mobs, from envoys and crates. You can also buy them on the buycraft.

What should I spend my bits on?

I normally spend my bits on void chests or advanced keys, but you can spend them on whatever you'd like that you think would benefit you.

Chunk Hoppers and Void Chests and Chunk Loaders

What are chunk hoppers?

Chunk hoppers are hoppers that pick up every item in a chunk. A chunk is a 16x16x256 area. You can see chunks by doing /seechunks.

What are void chests?

Void chests are a type of chest you can get that will sell every item that goes into them. Void chests are normally set up beside a chunk hopper so the chunk hopper can collect the items, put them in the chest, and the chest will automatically sell the items. Void chests are very good.

What are chunk loaders?

Chunk Loaders are redstone lamps that can be placed down in a chunk to keep it loaded, hence the name Chunk Loader.

Where can I get these items?

You can get all these items in /bits shop or in crates. You can also get them in envoys.

Custom Enchants

What are custom enchants?

As the name states, custom enchants are, enchants that are custom to the server and different from vanilla enchants. Do /ce to get started.

How do I get custom enchants?

As stated, do /ce, there is an interface where you can do all things custom enchant related, including white scrolls, black scrolls, and dust. This is the gui. If you click the yellow skull that says info it will direct you to this page where you can see all the different enchantments for all the items. If you go to the section of enchants you want and hover over an enchant you will see this. This tells you which gem to buy to find the enchant you want. For example, it shows that Disarmer I is the max Disarmer you can have and it can be found in all 3 tier gems. To buy a gem do /ce and click the tier of gem you would like to buy.

What is dust?

Dust can be bought on the right side of the /ce gui for $45,000. Dust raises and lowers the percentages of your custom enchant book. There are 2 different percentages on your custom enchant book. Success rate and destroy rate. Success rate is self-explanatory, it's the rate at which your book will succeed. Destroy rate is kind of self-explanatory but some people still struggle with it. Destroy rate is the chance that it will destroy your item, let's say your destroy rate is 100%, your item will disappear, destroy rate doesn't mean that the book will fail, it will destroy your item. You might be wondering what happens if your destroy rate is high, and you don't want to risk losing your item. That's where dust comes in handy, as stated, you can buy dust in /ce to lower your destroy rate and raise your success rate. I normally raise my success rate as high as possible and my destroy rate as low as possible, so I'm not risking much. but if you feel lucky then go ahead and apply your book.

How do I apply custom enchants?

To apply custom enchants you go into your inventory and drag the custom enchant, and drop it on the item you want to apply it to.

What are white scrolls and black scrolls?

White scrolls and black scrolls are items you can buy on the left side of the /ce gui. The white scroll is an item that you can drag onto one of your items so that it's guaranteed your item won't destroy. There's a chance that the book might still not apply, but your item won't destroy. You apply the white scroll the same way you would apply a custom enchant. The black scroll is an item that you can apply to an item that already has custom enchants. The black scroll will remove a random custom enchant of your item and turn it into a book for you. You apply it the same way as a white scroll.

What if I don't like the custom enchant book I got? Do I just throw it away?

No, if you don't like an item you can do /tinker and put the item in, almost like a trade. In return you will get a gunpowder called mystery dust, you right click the mystery dust in your hand and you can get 1 of 3 items, a magical angel dust, which increases success rate, a magical fixing dust, which lowers destroy rate, or a failed dust, which acts as a regular gunpowder.

Envoys + Outpost

What are envoys?

Envoys are chests that spawn at /warp pvp. You right click them and you get rewards.

What rewards can I get?

You can get lots of good stuff or some not so good stuff. You can get steak, enderpearls, all types of ore blocks etc. Some of the better rewards you can get are a /fly voucher, a miner minion etc.

How do I get an envoy?

A message will pop up in chat saying something along the lines of "Envoys have spawned." When that happens you can do /warp pvp and it will take you to the pvp zone, be wary, pvp is enabled! There will be chests, you right click them and rewards will go into your inventory. Make sure to not have good loot on you!

When do envoys happen?

Envoys happen every 30 minutes, right now there isn't a designated time or a command to see when they happen, so just keep track of time and be ready every half hour for a new wave of envoys to spawn!

What is outpost?

Outpost is a KOTH type event, it is always active in /warp pvp. Koth means king of the hill, the objective is to capture the area by standing on it for a required amount of time, it's pvp based as others will be contesting you, so be careful.

What is the point of outpost?

If you have control of outpost, you will have a x2 sell boost, meaning if you were to sell a diamond, it would sell for twice the price as it would if you didn't have control of outpost.

Do I have to do outpost alone?

No, you can fight at outpost with teams. Use /team create, /team invite and /team join to create a gang, invite friends to your gang, and join a gang.

This has been a Skyblock guide by Daniel, let me know if I missed anything! Enjoy!